Bear attack in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park prompts area closure

KANANASKIS, ALTA.—Conservation officers in southern Alberta say a bear attack in Kananaskis Country west of Calgary has left two people injured and resulted in a closure for a large area.

Officials say a Calgary woman and her adult son were hiking in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park on Saturday when the bear came out of the forest a few metres in front of them.

It’s unknown whether it was a black bear or a grizzly.

District conservation officer Arian Spiteri says the man suffered wounds to his face, head and arms, while the woman’s hand was bitten as she tried to set off her bear spray.

The bear hit the spray’s canister and it went off, forcing it to back off.

Officials say it was a defensive attack that happened as the bear was eating a moose carcass.

They evacuated the area and closed it until further notice.


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