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Uber finally gives in, now lets you tip your driver from the app

June 21, 2017

Why it matters to you If you use Uber and always wanted to give more than a good rating to a rider, now you can. Uber changed the taxi industry but mostly failed to adopt one of its foundational tenets — tipping. On Tuesday, the ridesharing giant is changing that and announced you can now tip...
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Ex-NASA engineer creates the friendliest car horn you’ll ever hear

June 19, 2017

Why it matters to you If honking your horn has ever got you into trouble, then perhaps a polite one like this might be worth installing. A honk of your car horn, no matter how well meaning, has the potential to elicit one of a variety of interesting responses from other drivers. On a...
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Weekly Rewind: A better hoverboard, solar paint, and a healthier tan

June 17, 2017
Weekly Rewind: A better hoverboard, solar paint, and a healthier tan

A lot can happen in a week when it comes to tech. The constant onslaught of news makes it nigh impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of this week’s top 10 tech stories, from what happened at E3 2017 to how to tan...
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Panoz’s electric race car concept might be coming to a track near you

June 15, 2017

Why it matters to you If it can actually get its electric car into competition, Panoz might change the face of racing. Alternative powertrains are slowly but surely making their way into racing. The Formula E electric-car race series is in its third season, and hybrids race in Formula One and at the 24 Hours...
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With its ‘Beyond’ initiative, Audi wants to be a thought leader in AI

June 11, 2017

Why it matters to you As AI advances, both public and private institutions will work to develop the technology in a socially responsible way. Audi wants to be a big player in artificial intelligence but perhaps not in the way you’d expect. At the AI for Good Global Summit, a United Nations-hosted congress on...
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