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New FordPass feature aims to take the pain out of finding a place to park

August 25, 2016

Driving can be a lot of fun, but parking usually isn’t. In urban areas, spaces are as valuable as all other real estate, and no one likes driving around looking for one. To make parking a little less painful, Ford is adding a booking service to the FordPass platform it unveiled at the 2016...
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Wolff: Will media turn on Clinton?

August 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton waves to conventiongoers at the conclusion of her speech during the 2016 Democratic National Convention.(Photo: Michael Chow, USA TODAY) What happens when the media are left only with Hillary Clinton? By some estimates, Donald Trump has received the advertising equivalent of more than $ 4 billion in free media coverage, while Clinton has...
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Rolex Motorsports Reunion track talk with Sir Jackie Stewart and David Hobbs

August 21, 2016

Ever wonder who was crazy enough to suggest racing vintage cars on one of the toughest tracks in America? Well, Digital Trends got the download from two of the racers who took part in the original Rolex Motorsport Reunion 42 years ago. Sir Jackie Stewart, the Scottish Formula One racing icon credited with three...
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Ride in the sky: Airbus says it will test airborne taxis as early as 2017

August 19, 2016

Mankind has been tempted and teased by the concept of flying cars at least since 1940, when Henry Ford quipped, “Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.” Over 70 years later, the promise of airborne automobiles continues to make headlines, in part because they’re...
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Automatic Pro adapter gives your car a 3G data connection with no subscription

August 17, 2016

Companies are racing to make your older cars smart. To that end, Automatic just launched a pretty hefty update to its car adapter that plugs into your car’s onboard diagnostics port. The new adapter has a 3G connection and doesn’t require you to make subscription payments. The new adapter is called the Automatic Pro, and it...
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