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New documentary by fellow gearhead Adam Corolla follows Paul Newman’s racing career

April 10, 2015

While some actors are okay with just being mega superstars, others are happy to trade the glitz and glamor of it all for the excitement of the race track. Paul Newman was one such actor, using his prolific film career as a means to fuel his real passion: Racing. His story is well known,...
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Jeep Cherokee

April 8, 2015

The Jeep Cherokee has won automotive industry awards since the large SUV’s inception. Part of the reason for the numerous awards stems from the reliability of the Cherokee. The SUV invariably delivers top of class fuel economy that ranges between 22 and 31 miles per gallon. Consumer Reports rates the SUV high in reliability...
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Great news, Audi fans: The RS 3 sedan and Q8 SUV are coming stateside

April 7, 2015

We’re big fans of the Audi S3 (and platform-sharing Volkswagen Golf R) here at DT, so it makes sense that we’d like a faster, sportier, and more extreme RS 3 version. Unfortunately we can’t know for sure, because the five-door Sportback, the only body style offered, has never made it to the U.S. A new report by...
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Delphi’s self-driving Audi SQ5 completes its 3,400-mile road trip

April 5, 2015
Delphi’s self-driving Audi SQ5 completes its 3,400-mile road trip

A few weeks ago we brought you news that car tech firm Delphi was planning to send a customized, autonomous Audi SQ5 called ‘Roadrunner’ on a landmark road trip from San Francisco to New York. Well, the car has reached its destination safely — and was driving itself for 99 percent of the time. It’s...
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Toyota debuts its eighth hybrid, the 2016 RAV4, in New York

April 3, 2015

Today at the New York International Auto Show, Toyota took another step in its race to become the first automaker with hybrid versions of all of its products as it debuted the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid. This development makes so much sense that is almost surprising that it hasn’t happened already. The new hybrid RAV4...
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