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‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner On Sansa’s Feud With Jon Snow: “Sexism Exists”

July 22, 2017

Game of Thrones took over San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 21 with a brand new trailer, an awesome panel moderated by Kristian Nairn (HODOR!) and Gwendoline Christie making news about Brienne and Tormund. But they weren’t the only ones talking about the coming season. Sophie Turner stopped by the Entertainment Weekly booth and talked...
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Ivanka Trump Posted A “Despacito” IG While Everyone Else Was Tweeting John McCain

July 20, 2017

While everybody else was tweeting out messages of support and sympathy to Arizona Senator John McCain, whose brain cancer diagnosis was announced on July 19, Ivanka Trump was apparently having an after work dance party, according to her social media. The first daughter posted an (admittedly pretty charming) video to her Instagram on Wednesday...
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Tropical Storm Don is Bringing Twitter A Whirlwind Of Donald Trump Jokes

July 17, 2017

There was Arlene. There were Bret and Cindy. And now… there’s Don. Tropical Storm Don, that is. The fourth Atlantic tropical cyclone strong enough to be named this season, Don is expected to hit the Windward Islands just on the edge of the Caribbean Sea later this week. And people have noticed some similarities between...
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Disney’s ‘Lion King’ Live-Action Remake Is “Jaw-Dropping” According To First Clip

July 15, 2017

There’s an abundance of Disney coming at us in the next few years, so I hope you’ve got your nostalgia glasses on and are ready to cry. After the announcement at Disney’s D23 convention that the leads for the studio’s live-action Aladdin had been cast, we were also graced with the news that the...
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5 Workouts From The Boxing Gym That Can Easily Be Done In The Comfort Of Your Home

July 13, 2017

Never in a millions years would I have thought I’d love boxing.  But, on a whim, I decided to go to a class near me, and I kind of fell in love. Not only do boxing workouts provide a great way to get out a little extra aggression (perhaps you can pretend that punching...
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