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Differences Between Assets and Revenue

February 10, 2016

Assets and revenue are very different things. For one, they appear on completely different parts of a company’s financial statements. Assets are listed on the balance sheet, and revenue is shown on a company’s income statement. The differences only grow from there. Here’s the full explanation of what assets and revenue are, and their...
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6 Things You Should Check Before Buying a Used Car

February 10, 2016

Getty By Allison Martin Thinking about retiring your current wheels? If so, it might be wise to skip a brand-new model and instead purchase a new-to-you vehicle. Buying a gently used car spares you the depreciation that befalls a new car as soon as you drive it off the lot. You’ll save a lot...
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How to Calculate the Weighted Average Trade Price

February 9, 2016

To be perfectly clear, this is not a get-rich action that my Foolish colleagues and I came up with. But we wouldn’t argue with the approach. A 2015 Business Insider article titled, “11 websites to bookmark if you want to get rich” rated The Motley Fool as the #1 place online to get smarter...
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One Winner, Thousands of #MyMintMoment Stories

February 7, 2016

Our #MyMintMoment Instagram contest has come to an end. We are grateful and inspired by all of you who shared special moments when your life and finances aligned. Your moments included everything from visiting the Grand Canyon and glaciers, to celebrating a new home or the last student loan payment, and starting a new...
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Why Gold Stocks Looked (Mostly) Lustrous on Thursday

February 5, 2016

Image source: Pixabay. Gold stocks are (mostly) on fire. During Thursday’s trading session, we witnessed the following intraday gains: Although none of these companies closed at their intraday highs, gains of 9% to 13% are a welcome sight for gold investors. Gold looking lustrous, once againWhat led the charge for the industry? Primarily, it...
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