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Understanding Xiaomi: The Anti-Apple

September 1, 2015

Beyond design, Apple and Xiaomi share impressive brand power. Both companies are able to inspire legions of loyal followers far beyond the scope of other prominent technology companies. Brand consultancy group Interbrand ranked Apple as the most valuable brand in the world in both 2013 and 2014 in its much-watched rankings. Its 2015 ranking...
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The 5 Best Countries to Retire In

August 30, 2015

Photo: Flickr user Mac Qin. Retirement can bring thoughts of relocation. We might move to be nearer our children, or to enjoy a lower cost of living in a smaller home, perhaps in a different town or state. Consider thinking out of the box a little, though, as you might want to relocate to...
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My Mint Story: Love, Loss & Taking Care of the Basics

August 28, 2015

Six years ago, Chanel Reynolds leaned over the kitchen counter and kissed her husband good-bye. Minutes later, he was hit by a van while training for his last race of the season on his bicycle. A week later, Chanel removed his medical support. In that life altering moment, she became a 39-year-old widowed single...
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Unpacking the Real Costs of Moving

August 26, 2015

After 13 years, two kids and one dog, my husband and I recently decided it was time to move into a new home. While moving is often an exciting new beginning, it’s also regarded as one of life’s most stressful events. From my experience moving this summer, I would have to agree. After signing endless...
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Big Price Hikes for Medicare Premiums in 2016

August 26, 2015

Getty ImagesBy Martha Lynn Craver Retirees, adjust your budget: Double-digit price hikes for Medicare Part B premiums are coming next year. The actual rates for Part B (which covers the costs of doctor visits and outpatient care) will be announced in October and take effect Jan. 1. The boost may be 15 percent for...
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