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Obesity Statistics Take a Wrong Turn in This Latest Study

July 5, 2015

Source: Flickr user Next Twentyeight.  Cancer is arguably the disease that garners the most global attention due to the swiftness with which it can kill, but in terms of sheer numbers there may not be a more serious disease than obesity. Obesity: a more serious threat than you probably realizeKnown as the “silent killer,”...
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5 Ways to Retire Early

July 5, 2015

Getty ImagesCreating a detailed financial plan is an essential step to retiring early. By Kelly Campbell Retirement is thought of as the time to stop working, start slowing down and do nothing but relax. For many, however, it is becoming a time for more activity. In fact, many retirees are doing things they never...
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I Finally Took My Own Advice and Bought Shares of ExxonMobil

July 3, 2015

Source: ExxonMobil investor Presentation. There has always been a small part of me that has felt guilty for not backing up every stock recommendation and investing advice with my own money. The thinking for me is that if someone out there might be making what could be a life-changing financial decision on something that...
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Happy Mid Year: Revisiting Your Financial Goals with a New Years Do-Over

July 1, 2015

2015 is now halfway over. Where did the time go? Though July may feel like it got here quicker than usual, now is the perfect time to revisit those financial goals and resolutions you made way back in January – use this moment to evaluate the progress you’ve made with your money and make...
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Market Wrap: Wall Street Rises but Energy Shares Fall

July 1, 2015

Richard Drew/APBy Sinead Carew NEW YORK — Stocks closed higher Wednesday but were down from earlier highs as energy stocks declined and Greece’s debt crisis showed no clear signs of resolution. The benchmark S&P 500’s energy sector was dragged down by the biggest slide in oil prices since April after traders were surprised by...
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