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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says it’s Justin Trudeau’s fault if Omar Khadr payout hurts NAFTA

July 21, 2017

OTTAWA—Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is rejecting assertions that his party’s attacks on the Omar Khadr settlement in U.S. media could hamper upcoming NAFTA negotiations, claiming any negative consequences of the move should fall on Justin Trudeau’s shoulders. Scheer was responding Thursday to accusations that partisan bickering south of the border on the controversial Khadr...
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What you need to know about the Battle of Dunkirk

July 20, 2017

Christopher Nolan’s movie Dunkirk, opening Friday, recounts a remarkable episode from the Second World War, the “miracle” that allowed for the evacuation of almost 340,000 trapped and beleaguered Allied troops from the French port city’s beaches as the German army advanced. The battle has been justly celebrated in Britain — and worthy of Nolan’s...
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Is The Disaster Artist James Franco’s next shot at Oscar gold?

July 18, 2017

If you’re a James Franco fan who felt the actor was snubbed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when his performance as an eccentric drug dealer in Spring Breakers failed to earn an Oscar nod —rejoice. The actor’s next shot at a gold statuette may have just arrived. On Tuesday, American...
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Quebec town votes against allowing Islamic cemetery to be built

July 17, 2017

Muslims in the Quebec City area are facing disappointment and uncertainty after voters in a small town close to the provincial capital voted Sunday night to stop the development of a cemetery catering to the Islamic faith. In a closely watched referendum Sunday night, just 36 residents of Saint-Apollinaire, a town of around 6,000...
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Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau dies at 89

July 16, 2017

LOS ANGELES—Martin Landau, the chameleon-like actor who gained fame as the crafty master of disguise in the 1960s TV show Mission: Impossible, then capped a long and versatile career with an Oscar for his poignant portrayal of aging horror movie star Bela Lugosi in 1994’s Ed Wood, has died. He was 89. Landau died...
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