Celebrity plastic surgery disasters

Celebrity plastic surgery disasters

What were they thinking?

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Tara Reid

Tara had an enviable body until she started tweaking it with plastic surgery. Her botched boob job left her looking like this (right).



Kenny Rogers

The country crooner lost many of his handsome masculine features when he went under the knife, and he has publicly said that he regrets it.



Jocelyn Wildenstein

This New York socialite is known for leading an extravagant lifestyle– including spending huge sums of money on countless plastic surgeries. Sadly, Jocelyn probably wishes she could buy her old face back. See more photos of Jocelyn at X17online.com.



Carrot Top

We can’t say Carrot Top was ever “normal” looking, but the comedian seriously scares us with his surgically enhanced face. Click here for more from X17.




Compare this photo of Cher in the ’60s, left, to one of her in 2013. The excessive procedures the singer has clearly had done have not left her looking anything like her old self.



Ray Liotta

Ray has made a nice living playing tough guys. That is may be harder for him to do now given his new, unresponsive, wax-like visage.



Michael Jackson

We loved the King of Pop, but the plastic surgery he got done over the years was just disastrous. From lightening his skin, to multiple nose jobs, Jackson looked like a completely different person by the end of his life. 



Lisa Rinna

Lisa keeps getting more and more collagen shot into her lips, judging by this photo. Stop!



Donatella Versace

Boo! You do NOT want to see Donatella Versace’s mug popping out of a dark alley.




Madonna, we love you. You are an icon. But overdoing your eyeliner, lashes and well, everything else will not erase all of life’s problems.



Lil Kim

Ok so Lil Kim was always a bit crazy — but in a fun way, with her crazy hair colors and outlandish get-ups. But nowadays, Kim has skipped way too far down Plastic Surgery Lane.



Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke’s face has likely achieved this weird lifeless sheen from a mix of surgery, boxing, accidents, and unending benders that would have killed most mortals. Instead of killing Mickey, it all just killed his face.



Meg Ryan

Ah Meg Ryan, why couldn’t you just stay our “cute as a button” girl forever?



Janice Dickinson



Nicole Kidman

She is still lovely, but is it just us or does Nicole Kidman look like a different person? We still love you, Nic, but ease up on the ice-princess look, you’re kinda creepin us out!




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