Chicken nugget kid dethroned by Japanese entrepreneur for most retweeted tweet ever

Carter Wilkerson, better known as the man whose request for free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s gave him the most retweeted tweet on the platform, was dethroned this week by a Japanese entrepreneur. The news was first reported by Twitter.

“Drumroll please,” the company said. “This Tweet from Japanese entrepreneur @yousuck2020 now holds the title of most Retweeted Tweet.”

The new tweet from billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is written in Japanese and finds him offering to give users free money in exchange for following him and — surprise, surprise — retweeting the message. As of Monday afternoon, the tweet had racked up more than 5.5 million retweets. The new number blows past Wilkerson, whose own tweet topped out at roughly 3.6 million retweets.

“HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS,” Wilkerson said in the April 5, 2017 post, which included a screenshot of the official Wendy’s account telling him that if his post reached 18 million retweets they would supply him with chicken nuggets for a year.


Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s chicken nugget taste test

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The fast-food greats meet for our chicken-nugget face-off: Burger King, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s.

(Hollis Johnson)

First, Burger King’s chicken nuggets. These nuggets are firm, but not crispy compared with other options. We paid $ 5.89 for 10 pieces.

(Hollis Johnson)

On first bite, we taste a little kick — possibly thanks to the noticeable pepper flakes in the breading. But these nuggets have a spongy texture that feels questionable.

(Hollis Johnson)

Second up: Chick-fil-A. On the outside, these golden nuggets are tiny, crispy, bite-size balls housed in a simple box.

(Hollis Johnson)

The first bite is a whole bite of the chicken nugget. It’s tender and the chicken tastes like chicken — a huge relief. For $ 3.05 for eight pieces, these small nuggets offer a big blast of flavor.

(Hollis Johnson)

At $ 3.39 for 10 pieces, Wendy’s chicken nuggets look crispy.

(Hollis Johnson)

But after taking a bite, we were unimpressed. The chicken did not taste like chicken and the breading was bland. These chicken nuggets are boring.

(Hollis Johnson)

Finally, the classic McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. The breading of these nuggets have a distinct color — slightly lighter than the other nuggets.

(Hollis Johnson)

Crunch! McNuggets are delightfully crispy. Thankfully, these taste like chicken, but we could not decipher what the secret ingredient could be for the delicious breading. It’s the classic McNugget, for good or bad. We’ll take it — and not question it — at $ 4.99 for 10 pieces.

(Hollis Johnson)

After eating all these bite-size chicken chunks, who comes out on top? Based on our our decidedly unscientific taste test to find the perfectly tender, crispy, and authentic chicken nugget …

(Hollis Johnson)

.. Chick-fil-A takes the title. The classic McNuggets are second, followed by Burger King and Wendy’s. Chick-fil-A’s simple little nuggets provide the right texture, flavor, and crispy goodness that lead us to believe it has the best chicken nuggets in the game.

(Hollis Johnson)






And while Wilkerson fell well-short of his goal, the tweet became the most retweeted on the platform for about a year and a half — dethroning the previous record holder Ellen DeGeneres and her star-laden selfie at the 2014 Oscars.

In his slow march to overtaking Ellen, Wilkerson briefly captivated the national media, doing interviews and even appearing on DeGeneres’ popular talk show. While on set in April 2017, the comedian showered the then 16-year-old with gifts but warned him that if he did surpass her, there would be consequences.

“If somehow you pass me Carter, I will come to your house, I will take that TV back, I will take the underwear back and do more,” DeGeneres said. “If you get 18 million somehow, by some miracle, you get 18 million, I’ll have another gift for you, but you can’t pass me, I have to be above that.”

On Twitter, Wilkerson took the news of his title being stolen in stride.

“It has been an amazing year and a half and i want to thank everyone who retweeted and helped my receive my year of free chicken nuggets,” he told his more than 100,000 Twitter followers. “Without you guys i would have never gotten my nuggs, we wouldn’t have raised over $ 100,000 for charity, and we wouldn’t have made twitter history by beating Ellen Degeneres and taking the record”

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