CNN Analyst: Trump Supporters Could “Harm” A Reporter “To Prove Their Worth To The President’”

A CNN analyst repeated a favorite media talking point Wednesday, that a Trump supporter might go bonkers and attack a reporter on the back of the President’s ‘dangerous’ rhetoric concerning the press.

Brian Karem, who is the White House correspondent for Playboy Magazine (read into that what you will), described Trump’s constant criticism of the media as ‘worrying’.

“I’ve always been worried about the guy who’s working a county fair somewhere in Montana; it’s his first year on the job, and somebody who wants to prove their worth to the president is going to go out and harm that kid who’s freshly to the field of reporters,” Karem said.

Karem added that “error-free baseball” is an impossibility and declared that Trump holds the media to a higher standard than himself.

“He makes us the enemy. We’re not the enemy of the people,” he said. “We are the people. We are the people represented in that room … We have to be fair. We have to be fair. That’s all there is to it, but at the end of the day, that cannot mean that we do not point out the foibles of a president who by saying this, proves he’s unfit to hold office.”

Fair huh? Hmmmm.

CNN was roused, again, by a Trump tweet Wednesday that took direct aim at reporters, threatening to take away their press credentials for putting out constant negative coverage.

The talking point of a Trump supporter ‘going postal’ on journalists has been repeated again and again by the likes of CNN.

Last month, during an interview with Variety, CNN’s Jim Acosta said that Trump supporters could attack reporters.

Acosta declared that if Trump keeps verbally blasting the media, a supporter who might be mentally unstable could attack a journalist.

During the same Variety interview, April Ryan chimed in to claim that she doesn’t “travel as much as I used to” for fear of being attacked by supporters of Trump, who she said is guilty of “throwing gasoline on the fire”.

Elsewhere during the interview, April Ryan stated that “fake news” isn’t “a cute little statement” but rather “has tentacles that it’s reaching overseas” that “can really destabilize democracies.”

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