Missing teen’s mom implores Canada to take notes from U.S. on searches

She says in the U.S. they form task forces that include members of the military, search and rescue groups and others who work with police.

Bali says there are also better supports for families looking for a missing child.

“We really need to, I think, restructure and reorganize how we look for missing children,” she said Friday.

Bali says since her daughter went missing the family has put up more than 6,000 posters across Canada and the U.S. seeking information.

The family is also offering a $ 25,000 reward for anyone who finds Mekayla, who would now be 18.

Bali says she’ll be returning to work at the beginning of June after being on extended leave.

While she’ll have less time to devote to searching for Mekayla, she is not going to quit.

“I believe we’ll find Mekayla. I really do, I’m quite positive. I don’t know why, but just in my heart.”


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