Mystery couple paying for other people’s meals at Applebee’s


, Last Updated: 12:44 PM ET

Want a free meal? Head over to the Applebee’s in Washington, Pa., and you may be in luck.

A mystery couple has been picking up the cheques for other customers at the southwestern Pennsylvania restaurant.

KDKA-TV reports the couple has been doing it for years but only recently have their good deeds come to light.

Jolie Welling says she was celebrating her daughter’s birthday only to find the couple recently paid the entire tab — for 16 people. Samantha Powell, the waitress for that party, says the gesture touched her, too, and almost brought her to tears.

Bernie Lewis, the restaurant’s assistant manager, says she has sworn to keep the couple’s secret.

Powell knows them, too, and says they own a local business. She says the man once told her he pays others’ cheques because, “I grew up poor and now I’m not.”

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