New polar bear for Assiniboine Park Zoo

Winnipeg Sun

, Last Updated: 4:44 PM ET

WINNIPEG – The Assiniboine Park Zoo’s polar bear population is set to grow by one.

Juno, a 15-month-old polar bear from the Toronto Zoo will soon be calling Winnipeg her home.

Juno is the little sister of Hudson and Humphrey, both former residents of the zoo’s Journey to Churchill exhibit.

Born at the Toronto Zoo on November 11, 2015, Juno is the only surviving cub in a litter of two.

The move to the Assiniboine Park Zoo is considered temporary.

“We are privileged to have an internationally award-winning Arctic exhibit that can be home to many polar bears at the same time, all of whom help us educate visitors about the impacts of climate change on their species,” said Gary Lunsford, Sr. Director, Animal Management & Conservation in a press release. “Having Juno come to Assiniboine Park Zoo will give her the opportunity to learn from and develop alongside other polar bears her age. This will be very beneficial to her as she continues to mature.”

Juno will be in the zoo next week and will undergo the standard 30-day quarantine period. Eventually she will be introduced to polar bear cubs Nanuq and Siku who are close to her age.

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