Now that Corner Gas is back, here are other Canadian shows that merit reboots

Television’s reboot resurgence continues unabated with an animated take on the Canadian comedy Corner Gas joining the recent return of Roseanne while upcoming reboots of Murphy Brown, Magnum P.I., Cagney & Lacey and Charmed wait in the wings.

And it’s no wonder there’s a plethora of returning faves: viewer appetite for refreshed hits has proven strong with successful returns including Will & Grace, Fuller House, Twin Peaks and The X-Files.

Canadians can also look forward to a reboot of ReBoot, a computer-animated classic from the ’90s, which will be titled ReBoot: The Guardian Code in its new incarnation.

Here’s a look at some other Canadian series that might be ripe for a reset:

Slings and Arrows

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Fans of this star-studded comedy series have been calling for a reboot for years and its creators have done nothing but stoke the flames with assurances that a script is in the works. Given how many of its regulars went on to forge stellar film and TV careers, a true reunion would be a remarkable coup. Its regulars included Paul Gross, Sarah Polley, Rachel McAdams, Mark McKinney, Don McKellar and Colm Feore.

King of Kensington

Late star Al Waxman would be tough to recast, so perhaps a sequel featuring a new generation of Kensington pals is in order. Cameos from past guest stars would be more than welcome; they include a young Mike Myers and Eugene Levy.

Ready or Not

This Canadian teen series portrayed the coming-of-age angst of two very different girls: one a drummer who often clashed with her family’s traditional Italian Catholic background, the other an imaginative only child raised by hippie parents. The slyly subversive storylines were ahead of their time, but they may be just right for the debates about gender and identity politics of today.

The Littlest Hobo

Few Canadian series engender as much drippy fondness as this ’80s series about a homeless German shepherd that roams the country, looking for people to save and criminals to catch. Any restart would have to include the indelible theme song “Maybe Tomorrow” and its evocative lyrics, “Maybe tomorrow, I’ll want to settle down, Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep moving on.”

Being Erica

It’s only been seven years since the last episode of this quirky CBC series about a time-travelling woman aired, but it could have benefitted from more seasons to push the envelope further. Besides, not much on network television since has delved as deeply into a woman’s interior life, putting her struggle to conquer insecurities, grief and remorse front and centre.


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