These Trump Family Photos Compared To Past First Families Show A Big Shift

So let’s break down Trump’s family tree so we know exactly how large his family is. From his first marriage to Ivana Trump, we have the president’s three eldest children: Donald Trump Jr., 40, Ivanka Trump, 36, and Eric Trump, 34. Then in his second marriage to Marla Maples, we have Trump’s fourth kid Tiffany Trump, 24. And finally, in his latest marriage to first lady Melania Trump, we have Trump’s youngest Barron Trump, 12. Which brings out tally to seven Trumps thus far.

Then we have the spouses of Trump’s three eldest kids. Don Jr. is (currently) married to Vanessa Trump (but not for much longer, as the two are reportedly filing for divorce), Ivanka is married to Jared Kushner, and Eric is married to Lara Trump. That brings our new total to 10, which is already a pretty big family head count.

Now let’s factor in all of Trumps grandkids, and that number nearly doubles. Let’s start of with Don Jr. and Vanessa’s children. In their nearly 13 years of marriage, the pair have become parents to five children: Kai, 10; Donald III, 9; Tristan, 6; Spencer, 5; and Chloe, 3. That increases the Trump family to 15 members.

And if that’s not enough, Ivanka and Kushner also have multiple kids to add to the plate. Together they share daughter Arabella, 6, and two sons: Joseph, 4; and Theodore, 2. That brings us to a total of 18 Trump family members.

But that’s not all! Eric and his wife had their first child together just last year in September. On Sept. 12, 2017, the president’s ninth grandchild, Eric Jr. (known as Luke) was born, bringing us to a grand total of 19 Trump family members.

That’s a lot of Trumps.

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