Trump looking forward to making meeting with Kim a ‘worldwide success’

US President Donald Trump says he is looking forward to meeting with Kim Jong-un in the “coming weeks,” and hopes the historic face-to-face discussion on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula will be a “worldwide success.”

The United States will be doing “everything possible” to make sure the upcoming meeting with the North Korean leader is fruitful, the president said, at a joint news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Florida on Wednesday. Trump added that, one day, he hopes to see both Koreas living in “safety, prosperity and peace.”

“As you know I will be meeting with Kim Jong-un in the coming weeks to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Hopefully, that meeting will be a great success and we’re looking forward to it. It will be a tremendous thing for North Korea and a tremendous thing for the world. So, we will be doing everything possible to make it a worldwide success.”

“Our campaign of maximum pressure will continue until North Korea denuclearizes,” Trump emphasized.

Commenting on the course of talks with Pyongyang, Trump noted that there is a “good chance” that three Americans held by North Korea would be released.

“I think there’s a good chance of doing it,” he said. “We’re having very good dialogue. We will keep you informed. But we are in there and we are working very hard on that,” Trump noted during the joint press conference.

The US and North Korea have been working extremely closely at the “highest level” possible to organize the historic summit. Five locations are currently being considered for the meeting, which Trump said could convene “in early June or a little before.” Trump also confirmed earlier media reports that CIA director and Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo travelled to Pyongyang “last week” for a secret meeting with the North Korean leader.

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