‘We’ll do just fine:’ Trump says he might end up in ‘good relationship’ with Putin

President Trump has lashed out at critics of his decision to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that “it’s a good thing” to have good relations with all nations, including Russia, and that Putin himself is “fine.”

Trump touched on his upcoming summit with Putin in Helsinki as he was speaking at a pep rally in Montana on Thursday.

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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin talk at the APEC Summit in Danang, Vietnam November 11, 2017. © Jorge Silva

By mentioning the July 16 meeting, the first one between the two leaders that won’t be taking place on the sidelines of any other event, Trump sought to defy those accusing him of being “angry” at NATO and cozying up to Russia. He insisted that it’s only normal to seek mutually beneficial relations with all countries.

“I am meeting with President Putin next week and getting along — let me tell you, getting along with Russia and getting along with China and getting along with other countries is a good thing. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing,” Trump told the cheering crowd in Great Falls.

He also dismissed the notion that the meeting will hurt US interests due to his purported diplomatic ineptitude.

“Well, Putin is highly prepared. And Trump, will he be prepared for the meeting? Trust me, we’ll do just fine,” Trump said, slamming his critics as “bad people” that are spreading “fake news.”

And, in what Trump’s critics will likely see as an act of national treason, he and Putin “might even end up having a good relationship.”

“But they’re going ‘will President Trump be prepared? You know, President Putin is KGB.’ And this and that. You know what? Putin’s fine,” Trump summed up.

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