When Is The Honeymoon Phase Over? 2 Experts Weigh In

Hoffman believes the honeymoon phase decline can happen anywhere between one month and one year down the line.

“It’s essentially when the realities of the relationship kick in and you have to plan for the future, organize budgets, and handle conflicts that were brushed aside in the honeymoon phase,” Hoffman tells Elite Daily.

But don’t worry if you’ve noticed that things between you and bae have been on the fritz lately, as this is totally something that can be worked through.

“In courtship, we often make compromises and align our needs and interests more closely with our partner, but when the honeymoon phase is over, couples often return to their individual baseline again,” says Hoffman.

So that explains why they were totally down to turn up with your crew every weekend, but are now trying to slow down a bit.

Taking it upon ourselves to easily adjust to our partner’s needs may have felt effortless in the beginning, but after the honeymoon phase, it may take more of a conscious effort to make sure both of you are getting your needs met.

Since you both know each other better post-honeymoon phase, it’s hopefully a bit easier to be open about organizing practical matters and addressing sources of conflict.

Oftentimes, the test of a relationship’s staying power is what goes down after most of the fuzzy feelings have worn off. While it may definitely take more compromise than you had originally thought, if you can manage to put in mutual effort, be understanding, and keep feeding the connection, there’s no reason why your relationship can’t continue to evolve into something different, but equally awesome.

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